Screen Prints
Most screen prints are made on archival machine made 100% cotton paper. The usual edition is 10 prints. There can be any where from 2-8 AP prints within an edition. Most AP prints are radically divergent from the other prints in color and/or composition.

Pixel Painting Photo Collage
All pieces are printed in short, strictly limited editions. These are photographic archival c-prints, no inks are used. The pieces are printed on Fuji's Professional CDIII, aka FujiColor Crystal Archive Paper

Custom Palettes / Sizes
There is great flexibility in the reproductions of new or pre-exisiting pixelpaintings. Color pallets can be altered to match a room's interior. All pixelpaintings can be made in custom sizes, either significantly larger or smaller that the size listed in this website. The original art is made at a very high pixel depth allowing high quality prints even in larger sizes. Shape resizes are possible for many pieces (non relative proportions) to match particular space dimensions.

Technical Information / What is Included
All artwork is signed, numbered, and dated in archival ink. The pieces can be purchased with or without a frame. Each piece includes a certificate of authenticity that spells out the edition number and technical information for the individual piece. Some certificates also have a short description as to what inspired a particular piece.

Personal Information
I have enjoyed drawing, painting, photography, collage, and computers for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of purchasing and using a graphics tablet (digital paintbrush) in unison with a Apple II back around 1984. Upon experimenting with it for awhile I admit I was disappointed in the medium. When I first used Photoshop 2.5 in 1992, I was totally ecstatic that technology not only had advanced to meet my expectations but surpassed them blindingly. All my artistic loves were unifying under one roof thanks to technological advancement. Many artist like myself are making digital art a legitimate fine art medium. It is historically unstoppable, unless the world falls apart and we revert to burning candles instead of pixels.

Source Material
My wife Mona Fox is responsible for a good part of the photo material used as source material.

Other artist of similar style
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