I had a burst of creativity in 2002. I was being pretty heavily repressed by making eLearning courseware for a major international conglomerate. I was working in a big repressive building at Brannan and 5th in SF. It was as quite as a library inside. It was post dot com bust. All the employees where working too hard to maintain their positions. Anyone left working there had seen numerous waves of lay offs and personally seen hundreds of coworkers get axed on the spot. I saw coworkers with dark rings under their eyes from lack of sleep. They were being worked like mules. The office building, in which the business was a sole proprieter was 80 percent unoccupied because the promise of a digital revolution never came to fruition. The internal makeover of the building was obscenely luxurious because it had been planned when the brass were expecting the business to be millions in the black. The amount of open space and polish was absurd considering that times had become so skinny. I would occasionally take a break from working on a repressive employee training project and escape to my artwork. It was like escaping to an oasis.