This was created when I was getting in a bad place with alcohol. My drinking had become so bad that I was occasionally having auditory hallucinations when I was going through a withdrawl. I was more fucked up when I wasn't drinking than when I was. I was getting "wet brain" which, in it's final stages can make you so crazy, that you end up getting hospitalized, or in extreme cases, makes you a vegitable. Detoxing on this level makes you loose sleep, and at the same time your body suffers from mass dehydration. When I was working on this series, I was ridding the train. I was hearing male and female voices telling me that, what I was working on was obscene, and that I was a weirdo. All theses voices were talking in hickish southern accents complete with jargon. You would not believe how real these voices sounded. I could not make up, repeat, write out, their gabfest if I tried, which is really stange considering all this stuff was coming from some unconscious recess of my brain. The voices are indecerable from the real thing. I knew I had to get well or else. I was very afraid that I was going to be hospitalized again.